Metal Fabrication

The Millenia Difference

Starting with an engineering or design layout, MPG’s fabrication team can quickly deliver both final pricing and suggested product changes to our customers in a short period of time.

Using lasers, turrets, press brakes, multiple welding cells including robotic welders, expert finished polishing of stainless and aluminum products and assembly, the customer can quickly understand the advantage to sourcing their products through MPG. With a background as a steel distributor and direct mill buyer, we rarely have difficulty meeting a customer’s reasonable pricing targets. Although we do some smaller runs, our efficiency and competitive pricing grows exponentially with larger repetitive orders.

Using close to a 15-person engineering and design team helps both MPG and the customer to achieve their desired results – efficiency, cost competitive pricing and quality results attributed to the skills of an automotive Tier 1 QC department.

Millenia Metal Fabrication Overview – (PDF Download)


In-house Engineering / Product Design

Internal engineering and design teams are available to assist with early stage design efforts, manufacturability and production.

Stocking Programs

Four multiple manufacturing sites offer the capability to produce and store inventory near a customer’s receiving location.


Prototyping provides the end customer with a finished part using soft tooling, a cost effective and efficient way to capture dimensional integrity during the design phase in advance of providing finished hard tooling. It also allows the customer the ability to buy a limited number of parts until the final tooling is completed and the approximate volumes are calculated.

Small / Large Production Runs

With most metal fabricating capabilities in one location, production can start using small run processes and transition over to high production processes.


4,000 Watt Mazak Laser


Brake Presses

Isolated Welding / Polishing Room

Full Product Assembly / Packing

UL Approved for Electrical Devices

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