With Tier 1 automotive capability as its background, Millenia Products Group works with customers’ challenges to provide the most difficult stamping tasks. Millenia Products Group has stamping capabilities from 30 tons up to 1100 tons, including progressive and transfer dies, and the ability to bring in more equipment as needed. Millenia is capable of providing stampings that match customers’ most difficult requirements. Depending on your shipping location, Millenia can ship from either one of its Midwest facilities or one of its Los Angeles area facilities.

Our industry coverage includes automotive, electronics, medical, tool storage, construction and a variety of industries that require precision products – well tested by an outstanding quality group and delivered to the most demanding customer schedules.


Hardware Insertion

A variety of hardware insertion can be performed during the stamping operation or as a secondary operation.


Part/Assembly welding operations can be completed by manual and automated welding processes.

Mechanical Assembly

In-house assembly services are available post stamping operation.

Electrical Mechanical Assembly

Stamped parts and sourced components can be combined to make electrical mechanical assemblies. UL certified assemblies are also possible.

Painting / Finishing

Post processing of parts can include grinding, polishing, and painting.

Product Development

Internal engineering and design resources are available to assist with early stage design efforts, manufacturability, and production.


Prototyping provides the end customer with a finished part using soft tooling, a cost effective and efficient way to capture dimensional integrity during the design phase in advance of providing finished hard tooling. It also allows the customer the ability to buy a limited number of parts until the final tooling is completed and the approximate volumes are calculated.


Mechanical Presses up to 1100 Tons

Transfer Presses up to 550 Tons

Drawn Part Capabilities

Progressive Dies

Transfer Dies

Compound Dies

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