Roll Forming

Millenia Products Group is one the largest Roll Forming companies in the Chicagoland area. With over 65 years of experience and 25 roll form lines, MPG is equipped to handle material up to 24” wide and as narrow as one inch.

Roll forming is the unique process of taking flat slit raw material and passing it through a series of roll stations resulting in a totally formed angle, channel or a unique section based on engineering drawings completed at MPG internally or supplied by the customer. Roll forming works well when the customer has a long production run of parts measuring up to 45 feet. Having multiple roll forming lines that will handle material up to .250” in thickness creates opportunities for the customer to single source their requirement with one supplier.

Added to our width and thickness capabilities is our specialty of pre and post punching product in line saving the cost of secondary operations.

Millenia Roll Forming Overview – (PDF Download)


In-House Die Design

Pulling from over 65 years of experience, Millenia engineers can create a fully engineered set of high precision roller dies to be owned by the customer or by Millenia.

Stocking Programs

Stocking programs and consignment programs are provided when requested by the customer.

Standard Roll Formed Profiles Available

Millenia can provide a list of standard angles and channels in a variety of gages, raw materials and widths. Please contact us for actual details.

Case Study

Customer Challenge – New Rolling Program
Recently, a customer offered a challenge to our roll form group to produce a complex component in the fewest manufacturing steps possible. Working with a supplier that was struggling with an extended lead time because of multiple processes, the customer reached out to us to compress the delivery time to less than two months and to design a rolling program that combined as many processes as possible. As a solution, our engineering team developed a process that combined forming, post punching and pre-punching reducing the lead time by months leaving only welding as the single secondary process.  The end result is that using both our stamping and roll forming capability we saved the customer money and we were successful in reducing our own manufacturing time to less than six weeks – a win for both sides.


25 Roll Formers

In-Line Pre and Post Stamping Punching and Notching


Gauge Range: .010 - .250

Width Range: 1" - 60"

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