About Us

Millenia Products Group, Inc.

We are a multi-faced manufacturing company providing metal fabrication, stamping, and roll forming services to OEM leaders in auto, tool storage, electronic, and a variety of other industries throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.  Our manufacturing facilities are located in the Chicago and Los Angeles areas.

We also manufacture our own branded product lines under the Forge, Premier and Dwyer names.  Forge is a line of secure storage solutions for firearms, ammo, and gear.  Dwyer is a full line of durable compact kitchens and modular casework for healthcare, student housing, assisted living, military, and public housing markets. Premier is the leading manufacturer of computer server enclosures for aerospace, military and general installations.

The Millenia Advantage: Keep it Simple

For customers that have the choice of manufacturing internally or outsourcing we offer an alternative that combines efficiency with a potential of significant cost savings. Think about being able to source your raw metal needs as well as any combination of stamping, welding, roll forming, product design, assembly, painting, engineering, packaging and fabrication all from the same company.  Save internal cost markups common with single capability processors, communication time and increase product delivery efficiency all at the same time. Call our sales team at 630-458-0401 to see how it can work for you.

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