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Welcome to Millenia Products Group

Millenia Products Group is a multi-faceted manufacturing and steel distribution company providing metal fabrication, stamping and roll forming services to OEM leaders in auto, tool storage, electronic and a variety of other industries throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. Manufacturing facilities are located in Chicago and south of Los Angeles.

Metal Fabrication

From original print to finished shippable product using lasers, turrets, press brakes and robotic welding, we provide our customers with a thoroughly inspected product based on their original prints and engineering and produced on time and on budget.

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Roll Forming

This robust department, with a large gage and width capability range, rolls angles, channels and almost every conceivable shape into a quality end product that has been pre or post punched, if necessary and in any number of lengths according to customer specifications.

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From the simplest of stamped parts to complex Tier 1 automotive stampings, we have the equipment and expertise to meet your specific requirements. Millenia Products Group has stamping capabilities from 30 tons up to 1100 tons, including progressive and transfer dies.

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